Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 655 (Disease)

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#655. Disease. -- N. disease; illness, sickness &c. adj.; ailing &c. " all the ills that flesh is heir to " [Hamlet]; morbidity, morbosity|; infirmity, ailment, indisposition; complaint, disorder, malady; distemper, distemperature[obs].

visitation, attack, seizure, stroke, fit.

delicacy, loss of health, invalidation, cachexy[obs]; cachexia[Med], atrophy, marasmus[obs]; indigestion, dyspepsia; decay &c. (deterioration) 659; decline, consumption, palsy, paralysis, prostration.

taint, pollution, infection, sepsis, septicity[obs], infestation; epidemic, pandemic, endemic, epizootic; murrain, plague, pestilence, pox.

sore, ulcer, abscess, fester, boil; pimple, wen &c. (swelling) 250; carbuncle, gathering, imposthume[obs], peccant humor, issue; rot, canker, cold sore, fever sore; cancer, carcinoma, leukemia, neoplastic disease, malignancy, tumor; caries, mortification, corruption, gangrene, sphacelus[obs], sphacelation[obs], leprosy; eruption, rash, breaking out.

fever, temperature, calenture[obs]; inflammation.

ague, angina pectoris[Lat], appendicitis; Asiatic cholera[obs], spasmodic cholera; biliary calculus, kidney stone, black death, bubonic plague, pneumonic plague; blennorrhagia[obs], blennorrhoea[obs]; blood poisoning, bloodstroke[obs], bloody flux, brash; breakbone fever[obs], dengue fever, malarial fever, Q-fever; heart attack, cardiac arrest, cardiomyopathy[Med]; hardening of the arteries, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis; bronchocele[Med], canker rash, cardialgia[Med], carditis[Med], endocarditis[Med]; cholera, asphyxia; chlorosis, chorea, cynanche[obs], dartre[Fr]; enanthem[obs], enanthema[obs]; erysipelas; exanthem[obs], exanthema; gallstone, goiter, gonorrhea, green sickness; grip, grippe, influenza, flu; hay fever, heartburn, heaves, rupture, hernia, hemorrhoids, piles, herpes, itch, king's evil, lockjaw; measles, mumps[obs], polio; necrosis, pertussis, phthisis[obs], pneumonia, psora[obs], pyaemia[obs], pyrosis[Med], quinsy, rachitis[obs], ringworm, rubeola, St. Vitus's dance, scabies, scarlatina, scarlet fever, scrofula, seasickness, struma[obs], syntexis[obs], tetanus, tetter[obs], tonsillitis, tonsilitis[obs], tracheocele[Med], trachoma, trismus[Med], varicella[Med], varicosis[Med], variola[Med], water qualm, whooping cough; yellow fever, yellow jack.

fatal disease &c. (hopeless) 859; dangerous illness, galloping consumption, churchyard cough; general breaking up, break up of the system.

[Disease of mind] idiocy &c. 499; insanity &c. 503.

martyr to disease; cripple; " the halt the lame and the blind"; valetudinary[obs], valetudinarian; invalid, patient, case; sickroom, sick- chamber.

[Science of disease] pathology, etiology, nosology[obs].

[Veterinary] anthrax, bighead; blackleg, blackquarter[obs]; cattle plague, glanders[obs], mange, scrapie, milk sickness; heartworm, feline leukemia, roundworms; quarter-evil, quarter-ill; rinderpest.

[disease-causing agents] virus, bacterium, bacteria.

[types of viruses] DNA virus; RNA virus.

[RNA viruses] rhinovirus; rhabdovirus; picornavirus.

[DNA viruses] herpesvirus; cytomegalovirus, CMV; human immunodefficiency virus, HIV.

V. be ill &c. adj.; ail, suffer, labor under, be affected with, complain of, have; droop, flag, languish, halt; sicken, peak, pine; gasp.

keep one's bed; feign sickness &c. (falsehood) 544.

lay by, lay up; take a disease, catch a disease &c. n., catch an infection; break out.

Adj. diseased; ailing &c. v.; ill, ill of; taken ill, seized with; indisposed, unwell, sick, squeamish, poorly, seedy; affected with illness, afflicted with illness; laid up, confined, bedridden, invalided, in hospital, on the sick list; out of health, out of sorts; under the weather [U. S.]; valetudinary[obs].

unsound, unhealthy; sickly, morbid, morbose[obs], healthless[obs], infirm, chlorotic[Med], unbraced[obs]. drooping, flagging, lame, crippled, halting.

morbid, tainted, vitiated, peccant, contaminated, poisoned, tabid[obs], mangy, leprous, cankered; rotten, rotten to the core, rotten at the core; withered, palsied, paralytic;dyspeptic; luetic[obs], pneumonic, pulmonic[Med], phthisic[obs], rachitic; syntectic[obs], syntectical[obs]; tabetic[obs], varicose.

touched in the wind, broken-winded, spavined, gasping; hors de combat &c. (useless) 645[Fr].

weakly, weakened &c. (weak) 160; decrepit; decayed &c. (deteriorated) 659; incurable &c. (hopeless) 859; in declining health; cranky; in a bad way, in danger, prostrate; moribund &c. (death) 360.

morbific &c. 657[obs]; epidemic, endemic; zymotic[obs].