Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 651 (Imperfection)

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#651. Imperfection. -- N. imperfection; imperfectness &c. Adj.; deficiency; inadequacy &c. (insufficiency) 640; peccancy &c. (badness) 649[obs]; immaturity &c. 674.

fault, defect, weak point; screw loose; flaw &c. (break) 70; gap &c. 198; twist &c. 243; taint, attainder; bar sinister, hole in one's coat; blemish &c. 848; weakness &c. 160; half blood; shortcoming &c. 304; drawback; seamy side.

mediocrity; no great shakes, no great catch; not much to boast of; one-horse shay.

V. be imperfect &c. adj.; have a defect &c. n.; lie under a disadvantage; spring a leak.

not pass muster, barely pass muster; fall short &c. 304.

Adj. imperfect; not perfect &c. 650; deficient, defective; faulty, unsound, tainted; out of order, out of tune; cracked, leaky; sprung; warped &c. (distort) 243; lame; injured &c. (deteriorated) 659; peccant &c. (bad) 649; frail &c. (weak) 160; inadequate &c. (insufficient) 640; crude &c. (unprepared) 674; incomplete &c. 53; found wanting,; below par; short- handed; below its full strength, under its full strength, below its full complement.

indifferent, middling, ordinary, mediocre; average &c. 29; so-so; coucicouci, milk and water; tolerable, fair, passable; pretty well, pretty good; rather good, moderately good; good; good enough, well enough, adequate; decent; not bad, not amiss; inobjectionable[obs], unobjectionable, admissible, bearable, only better than nothing.

secondary, inferior; second-rate, second-best; one-horse [U.S.].

Adv. almost &c.; to a limited extent, rather &c. 32; pretty, moderately, passing; only, considering, all things considered, enough.

Phr. surgit amari aliquid[Lat].