Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 647 (Inexpedience)

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#647. Inexpedience. -- N. inexpedience, inexpediency; undesirableness, undesirability &c. Adj.; discommodity[obs], impropriety; unfitness &c. (disagreement) 24; inutility &c. 645; disadvantage.

V. be inexpedient &c. Adj.; come amiss &c. (disagree) 24; embarrass &c. (hinder) 706; put to inconvenience; pay too dear for one's whistle.

Adj. inexpedient, undesirable; unadvisable, inadvisable; objectionable; inapt, ineligible, inadmissible, inconvenient; incommodious, discommodious[obs]; disadvantageous; inappropriate, unfit &c. (inconsonant) 24.

ill-contrived, ill-advised; unsatisfactory; unprofitable &c., unsubservient &c. (useless) 645; inopportune &c. (unseasonable) 135; out of place, in the wrong place; improper, unseemly.

clumsy, awkward; cumbrous, cumbersome; lumbering, unwieldy, hulky[obs]; unmanageable &c. (impracticable) 704; impedient &c. (in the way) 706[obs].

unnecessary &c. (redundant) 641.

Phr. it will never do.