Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 641 (Redundancy)

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#641. Redundancy. -- N. redundancy, redundance[obs]; too much, too many; superabundance, superfluity, superfluence|, saturation; nimiety[obs], transcendency, exuberance, profuseness; profusion &c. (plenty) 639; repletion, enough in all conscience, satis superque[Lat], lion's share; more than enough &c. 639; plethora, engorgement, congestion, load, surfeit, sickener[obs]; turgescence &c. (expansion) 194[obs]; overdose, overmeasure[obs], oversupply, overflow; inundation &c. (water) 348; avalanche.

accumulation &c. (store) 636; heap &c. 72; drug, drug in the market; glut; crowd; burden.

excess; surplus, overplus[obs]; epact[obs]; margin; remainder &c. 40; duplicate; surplusage[obs], expletive; work of supererogation; bonus, bonanza.

luxury; intemperance &c. 954; extravagance &c. (prodigality) 818; exorbitance, lavishment[obs].

pleonasm &c. (diffuseness) 573; too many irons in the fire; embarras de richesses[Fr].

V. superabound, overabound[obs]; know no bounds, swarm; meet one at every turn; creep with, crawl with, bristle with; overflow; run over, flow over, well over, brim over; run riot; overrun, overstock, overlay, overcharge, overdose, overfeed, overburden, overload, overdo, overwhelm, overshoot the mark &c. (go beyond) 303; surcharge, supersaturate, gorge, glut, load, drench, whelm, inundate, deluge, flood; drug, drug the market; hepatize[obs].

choke, cloy, accloy[obs], suffocate; pile up, lay on thick; impregnate with; lavish &c. (squander) 818.

send coals to Newcastle, carry coals to Newcastle, carry owls to Athens[obs]; teach one's grandmother to suck eggs; pisces natare docere[Lat];.kill the slain, " gild refined gold", "gild the lily", butter one's bread on both sides, put butter upon bacon; employ a steam engine to crack a nut &c. (waste) 638.

exaggerate &c. 549; wallow in roll in &c. (plenty) 639 remain on one's hands, hang heavy on hand, go a begging.

Adj. redundant; too much, too many; exuberant, inordinate, superabundant, excessive, overmuch, replete, profuse, lavish; prodigal &c. 818; exorbitant; overweening; extravagant; overcharged &c. v.; supersaturated, drenched, overflowing; running over, running to waste, running down.

crammed to overflowing, filled to overflowing; gorged, ready to burst; dropsical, turgid, plethoric; obese &c. 194.

superfluous, unnecessary, needless, supervacaneous|, uncalled for, to spare, in excess; over and above &c. (remainder) 40; de trop[Fr]; adscititious &c. (additional) 37; supernumerary &c. (reserve) 636; on one's hands, spare, duplicate, supererogatory, expletive; un peu fort[Fr].

Adv. over, too, over and above; overmuch, too much; too far; without measure, beyond measure, out of measure; with . . . to spare; over head and ears; up to one's eyes, up to one's ears; extra; beyond the mark &c. (transcursion) 303; acervatim [Lat].

Phr. it never rains but it pours; fortuna multis dat nimium nulli satis [Lat].