Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 632 (Means)

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#632. Means. -- N. means, resources, wherewithal, ways and means; capital &c. (money) 800; revenue; stock in trade &c. 636; provision &c. 637; a shot in the locker; appliances &c. (machinery) 633; means and appliances; conveniences; cards to play; expedients &c. (measures) 626; two strings to one's bow; sheet anchor &c. (safety) 666; aid &c. 707; medium &c. 631.

V. find means, have means, possess means &c. n.

Adj. instrumental &c. 631; mechanical &c. 633.

Adv. by means of, with; by what means, by all means, by any means, by some means; wherewith, herewith, therewith; wherewithal.

how &c. (in what manner) 627; through &c. (by the instrumentality of) 631; with the aid of, by the aid of &c. (assistance) 707; by the agency of &c. 170