Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 63 (Sequence)

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#63. Sequence. -- N. sequence, coming after; going after &c. (following) 281; consecution, succession; posteriority &c. 117.

continuation; order of succession; successiveness; paracme[obs].

secondariness[obs]; subordinancy &c. (inferiority) 34[obs].

afterbirth, afterburden[obs]; placenta, secundines[Med].

V. succeed; come after, come on, come next; follow, ensue, step into the shoes of; alternate.

place after, suffix, append.

Adj. succeeding &c.v.; sequent[obs]; subsequent, consequent, sequacious[obs], proximate, next; consecutive &c. (continuity) 69; alternate, amoebean[obs].

latter; posterior &c. 117.

Adv. after, subsequently; behind &c. (rear) 235.