Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 627 (Method)

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#627. Method. [Path.] -- N. method, way, manner, wise, gait, form, mode, fashion, tone, guise; , modus operandi, MO; procedure &c. (line of conduct) 692.

path, road, route, course; line of way, line of road; trajectory, orbit, track, beat, tack.

steps; stair, staircase; flight of stairs, ladder, stile; perron[obs].

bridge, footbridge, viaduct, pontoon, steppingstone, plank, gangway; drawbridge; pass, ford, ferry, tunnel; pipe &c. 260.

door; gateway &c. (opening) 260; channel, passage, avenue, means of access, approach, adit[obs]; artery, lane, alley, aisle, lobby, corridor; back-door, back-stairs; secret passage; covert way; vennel[obs].

roadway, pathway, stairway; express; thoroughfare; highway; turnpike , freeway, royal road, coach road; broad highway, King's highway, Queen's highway; beaten track, beaten path; horse road, bridle road, bridle track, bridle path; walk, trottoir[obs], footpath, pavement, flags, sidewalk; crossroad, byroad, bypath, byway; cut; short cut &c. (mid-course) 628; carrefour[obs]; private road, occupation road; highways and byways; railroad, railway, tram road, tramway; towpath; causeway; canal &c. (conduit) 350; street &c. (abode) 189; speedway. adv. how; in what way, in what manner; by what mode; so, in this way, after this fashion.

one way or another, anyhow; somehow or other &c. (instrumentality) 631; by way of; via; in transitu &c. 270[Lat]; on the high road to.

Phr. hae tibi erunt artes[Lat].