Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 614 (Desuetude)

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#614. Desuetude. -- N. desuetude, disusage[obs]; obsolescence, disuse &c. 678; want of habit, want of practice; inusitation[obs]; newness to; new brooms.

infraction of usage &c. (unconformity) 83; nonprevalence[obs]; "a custom more honored in the breach than the observance" [Hamlet].

V. be -unaccustomed &c. adj.; leave off a habit, cast off a habit, break off a habit, wean oneself of a habit, violate a habit, break through a habit, infringe a habit, leave off a custom, cast off a custom, break off a custom, wean oneself of a custom, violate a custom, break through a custom, infringe a custom, leave off a usage, cast off a usage, break off a usage, wean oneself of a usage, violate a usage, break through a usage, infringe a usage; disuse &c. 678; wear off.

Adj. unaccustomed, unused, unwonted, unseasoned, uninured[obs], unhabituated[obs], untrained; new; green &c. (unskilled) 699; unhackneyed.

unusual &c. (unconformable) 83; nonobservant[obs]; disused &c. 678.