Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 611 (Predetermination)

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#611. Predetermination. -- N. predestination, preordination, premeditation, predeliberation[obs], predetermination; foregone conclusion, fait accompli[Fr]; parti pris[Fr]; resolve, propendency|; intention &c. 620; project &c. 626; fate, foredoom, necessity.

V. predestine, preordain, predetermine, premeditate, resolve, concert; resolve beforehand, predesignate.

Adj. prepense[obs], premeditated &c. v., predesignated, predesigned[obs]; advised, studied, designed, calculated; aforethought; intended &c. 620; foregone.

well-laid, well-devised, well-weighed; maturely considered; cunning.

Adv. advisedly &c. adj.; with premeditation, deliberately, all things considered, with eyes open, in cold blood; intentionally &c. 620.