Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 579 (Inelegance)

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#579. Inelegance. -- N. inelegance; stiffness &c. adj.; "unlettered Muse" [Gray]; barbarism; slang &c. 563; solecism &c. 568; mannerism &c. (affectation) 855; euphuism[obs]; fustian &c. 577; cacophony; words that break the teeth, words that dislocate the jaw; marinism[obs].

V. be inelegant &c. adj.

Adj. inelegant, graceless, ungraceful; harsh, abrupt; dry, stiff, cramped, formal, guinde[Fr]; forced, labored; artificial, mannered, ponderous; awkward, uncourtly[obs], unpolished; turgid &c. 577; affected, euphuistic[obs]; barbarous, uncouth, grotesque, rude, crude, halting; offensive to ears polite.