Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 565 (Misnomer)

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#565. Misnomer. -- N. misnomer; lucus a non lucendo[Lat];; Mrs. Malaprop; what d'ye call 'em &c. (neologism) 563[obs]; Hoosier.

nickname, sobriquet, by-name; assumed name, assumed title; alias; nom de course, nom de theatre, nom de guerre[Fr], nom de plume; pseudonym, pseudonymy.

V. misname, miscall, misterm[obs]; nickname; assume a name.

Adj. misnamed &c. v.; pseudonymous; soi-disant[Fr]; self called, self styled, self christened; so-called.

nameless, anonymous; without a having no name; innominate, unnamed; unacknowledged.

Adv. in no sense.