Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 522 (Interpretation)

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#522. Interpretation. -- N. interpretation, definition; explanation, explication; solution, answer; rationale; plain interpretation, simple interpretation, strict interpretation; meaning &c. 516.

translation; rendering, rendition; redition[obs]; literal translation, free translation; key; secret; clew &c. (indication) 550; clavis[obs], crib, pony, trot [U.S.].

exegesis; expounding, exposition; hermeneutics; comment, commentary; inference &c. (deduction) 480; illustration, exemplification; gloss, annotation, scholium[obs], note; elucidation, dilucidation|; eclaircissement[Fr], mot d'enigme[Fr].

[methods of interpreting - list] symptomatology[Med], semiology, semeiology[obs], semiotics; metoposcopy[obs], physiognomy; paleography &c. (philology) 560; oneirology

acception[obs], acceptation, acceptance; light, reading, lection, construction, version.

equivalent, equivalent meaning &c. 516; synonym; paraphrase, metaphrase[obs]; convertible terms, apposition; dictionary &c. 562; polyglot.

V. interpret, explain, define, construe, translate, render; do into, turn into; transfuse the sense of.

find out &c. 480a the meaning &c. 516 of; read; spell out, make out; decipher, unravel, disentangle; find the key of, enucleate, resolve, solve; read between the lines.

account for; find the cause, tell the cause &c. 153 of; throw light upon, shed light upon, shed new light upon, shed fresh light upon; clear up, clarify, elucidate.

illustrate, exemplify; unfold, expound, comment upon, annotate; popularize &c. (render intelligible) 518.

take in a particular sense, understand in a particular sense, receive in a particular sense, accept in a particular sense; understand by, put a construction on, be given to understand.

Adj. explanatory, expository; explicative, explicatory; exegetical[obs]; construable.

polyglot; literal; paraphrastic, metaphrastic[obs]; consignificative[obs], synonymous; equivalent &c. 27.

Adv. in explanation &c. n.; that is to say, id est, videlicet, to wit, namely, in other words.

literally, strictly speaking; in plain, in plainer terms, in plainer words, in plainer English; more simply.