Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 506 (Oblivion)

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#506. Oblivion.-- N. oblivion, obliviousness, lethe; forgetfulness &c. adj.; amnesia; obliteration &c. 552 of , insensibility &c. 823 to the past.

short memory, treacherous memory, poor memory, loose memory, slippery memory, failing memory; decay of memory, failure of memory, lapse of memory; waters of Lethe, waters of oblivion.

amnesty, general pardon.

[deliberate or unconscious forgetting] repressed memory.

V. forget; be forgetful &c. adj.; fall into oblivion, sink into oblivion; have a short memory &c. n., have no head.

forget one's own name, have on the tip of one's tongue, come in one ear and go out the other.

slip memory, escape memory, fade from memory, die away from the memory; lose, lose sight of.

fail to recall, not be able to recall.

[cause oneself to forget: transitive] unlearn; efface &c. 552 , discharge from the memory; consign to oblivion, consign to the tomb of the Capulets; think no more of &c. (turn the attention from) 458; cast behind one's back, wean one's thoughts from; let bygones be bygones &c.(forgive) 918.

Adj. forgotten &c. v.; unremembered, past recollection, bygone, out of mind; buried in oblivion, sunk in oblivion; clean forgotten; gone out of one's head, gone out of one's recollection.

forgetful, oblivious, mindless, Lethean; insensible &c. 823 to the past; heedless.

Phr. non mi ricordo[It]; the memory failing, the memory deserting one, being at (or in) fault.