Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 487 (Incredulity)

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#487. Incredulity.-- N. incredulousness[obs], incredulity; skepticism, pyrrhonism|!; want of faith &c. (irreligion) 989[obs].

suspiciousness &c. adj.; scrupulosity; suspicion &c. (unbelief) 485.

mistrust, cynicism.

unbeliever, skeptic, cynic; misbeliever.1, pyrrhonist; heretic &c. (heterodox) 984.

V. be incredulous &c. adj.; distrust &c. (disbelieve) 485; refuse to believe; shut one's eyes to, shut one's ears to; turn a deaf ear to; hold aloof, ignore, nullis jurare in verba magistri[Lat].

Adj. incredulous, skeptical, unbelieving, inconvincible[obs]; hard of belief, shy of belief, disposed to doubt, indisposed to believe; suspicious, scrupulous, distrustful, cynical;. 1The word miscreant, which originally meant simply misbeliever, has now quite another meaning (949). See Trench, On the Study of Words, p. 71.