Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 473 (Improbability)

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#473. Improbability. -- N. improbability, unlikelihood; unfavorable chance, bad chance, ghost of a chance, little chance, small chance, poor chance, scarcely any chance, no chance; bare possibility; long odds; incredibility &c. 485.

V. be improbable &c. adj.; have a small chance &c. n.

Adj. improbable, unlikely, contrary to all reasonable expectation; wild, far out, out of sight, outtasight, heavy [all coll.].

rare &c. (infrequent) 137; unheard of, inconceivable; unimaginable, inimaginable[obs]; incredible &c. 485; more than doubtful; strange, bizarre (uncomformable) 83.

Phr. the chances are against; aquila non capit muscas[Lat]; pedir peras pal olmo[Lat].