Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 470 (Possibility)

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#470. Possibility. -- N. possibility, potentiality; what may be, what is possible &c. adj.; compatibility &c. (agreement) 23.

practicability, feasibility; practicableness &c. adj. contingency, chance &c. 156.

V. be possible &c. adj.; stand a chance; admit of, bear.

render possible &c. adj.; put in the way of.

Adj. possible; in the cards, on the dice; in posse, within the bounds of possibility, conceivable, credible; compatible &c. 23; likely.

practicable, feasible, performable, achievable; within reach, within measurable distance; accessible, superable[obs], surmountable; attainable, obtainable; contingent &c. (doubtful) 475, (effect) 154.

barely possible, marginally possible, just possible; possible but improbably, (improbable) 473; theoretically possible.

Adv. possibly, by possibility; perhaps, perchance, peradventure; maybe, may be, haply, mayhap.

if possible, wind and weather permitting, God willing, Deo volente[Lat], D. V. ; as luck may have it.

Phr. misericordia Domini inter pontem et fontent[Lat]; " the glories of the Possible are ours " [B. Taylor]; anything is possible; in theory possible, but in practise unlikely.