Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 468 (Evidence on the other side, on the other hand)

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#468. [Evidence on the other side, on the other hand.] Counter Evidence. - N. counter evidence; evidence on the other side, evidence on the other hand; conflicting evidence, contradictory evidence, opposing evidence; disproof, refutation &c. 479; negation &c. 536.

plea &c. 617; vindication &c. 937 counter protest; "tu quoque" argument; other side of the shield, other side of the coin, reverse of the shield.

V. countervail, oppose; mitigate against; rebut &c. (refute) 479; subvert &c. (destroy) 162; cheek, weaken; contravene; contradict &c. (deny) 536; tell the other side of the story, tell another story, turn the scale, alter the case; turn the tables; cut both ways; prove a negative.

audire alteram partem[Lat].

Adj. countervailing &c. v.; contradictory.

unattested, unauthenticated, unsupported by evidence; supposititious.

Adv. on the contrary, per contra.