Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 466 (Measurement)

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#466. Measurement. -- N. measurement, admeasurement[obs], mensuration, survey, valuation, appraisement, assessment, assize; estimate, estimation; dead reckoning, reckoning &c. (numeration) 85; gauging &c. v.; horse power.

metrology, weights and measures, compound arithmetic.

measure, yard measure, standard, rule, foot rule, compass, calipers; gage, gauge; meter, line, rod, check; dividers; velo[obs].

flood mark, high water mark; Plimsoll line; index &c. 550.

scale; graduation, graduated scale; nonius[obs]; vernier &c. (minuteness) 193.

[instruments for measuring] bathometer, galvanometer, heliometer, interferometer, odometer, ombrometer[obs], pantometer[obs], pluviometer[obs], pneumatometer[obs], pneumometer[obs], radiometer, refractometer, respirometer, rheometer, spirometer[obs], telemeter, udometer[obs], vacuometer[obs], variometer[obs], viameter[obs], thermometer, thermistor (heat &c. 382), barometer (air &c. 338), anemometer (wind 349), dynamometer, goniometer (angle 244) meter; landmark &c. (limit) 233; balance, scale &c. (weight) 319; marigraph[obs], pneumatograph[obs], stethograph[obs]; rain gauge, rain gage; voltmeter(volts) , ammeter(amps); spectrophotometer (light absorbance); mass spectrophotometer(molecular mass); geiger counter, scintillation counter(radioactivity); pycnometer (liquid density) ; graduated cylinder, volumetric flask (volume); radar gun (velocity); radar (distance); side-looking radar (shape, topography); sonar (depth in water); light meter (light intensity); clock, watch, stopwatch, chronometer (time); anemometer (wind velocity); densitometer (color intensity).

measurability, computability, determinability[obs].

coordinates, ordinate and abscissa, polar coordinates, latitude and longitude, declination and right ascension, altitude and azimuth.

geometry, stereometry[obs], hypsometry[obs]; metage[obs]; surveying, land surveying; geodesy, geodetics[obs], geodesia[obs]; orthometry[obs], altimetry[obs]; cadastre[Fr].

astrolabe, armillary sphere[obs].

land surveyor; geometer.

V. measure, mete; determine, assay; evaluate, value, assess, rate, appraise, estimate, form an estimate, set a value on; appreciate; standardize.

span, pace step; apply the compass &c. n.; gauge, plumb, probe, sound, fathom; heave the log, heave the lead; survey.


take an average &c. 29; graduate.

Adj. measuring &c. v.; metric , metrical;

measurable, perceptible, noticeable, detectable, appreciable, ponderable, determinable, fathomable;

geodetical, topographic, topographical, cartographic, cartographical.