Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 436 (Yellowness)

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#436. Yellowness. -- N. yellow &c. adj.; or.

[Pigments] gamboge; cadmium-yellow, chrome-yellow, Indian-yellow king's-yellow, lemonyellow; orpiment[obs], yellow ocher, Claude tint, aureolin[obs]; xanthein[Chemsub], xanthin[obs]; zaofulvin[obs]. crocu s, saffron, topaz; xanthite[obs]; yolk.

jaundice; London fog|!; yellowness &c. adj.; icterus[obs]; xantho- cyanopia|!, xanthopsia[Med].

Adj. yellow, aureate, golden, flavous|, citrine, fallow; fulvous[obs], fulvid[obs]; sallow, luteous[obs], tawny, creamy, sandy; xanthic[obs], xanthous[obs]; jaundiced- auricomous[obs].

gold-colored, citron-colored, saffron-colored, lemon-colored, lemon yellow, sulphur-colored, amber-colored, straw-colored, primrose-colored, creamcolored; xanthocarpous[obs], xanthochroid[obs], xanthopous[obs].

yellow as a quince, yellow as a guinea, yellow as a crow's foot.

warm, advancing.