Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 418 (Sense of sound)

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#418. [Sense of sound.] Hearing. -- N. hearing &c. v.; audition, auscultation; eavesdropping; audibility.

acute ear, nice ear, delicate ear, quick ear, sharp ear, correct ear, musical ear; ear for music.

ear, auricle, lug, acoustic organs, auditory apparatus; eardrum, tympanum, tympanic membrane.

[devices to aid human hearing by amplifying sound] ear trumpet, speaking trumpet, hearing aid, stethoscope.

[distance within which direct hearing is possible] earshot, hearing distance, hearing, hearing range, sound, carrying distance.

[devices for talking beyond hearing distance] telephone[exlist], phone, telephone booth, intercom, house phone, radiotelephone, radiophone, wireless, wireless telephone, mobile telephone, car radio, police radio, two-way radio, walkie-talkie[military], handie-talkie, citizen's band, CB, amateur radio, ham radio, short-wave radio, police band, ship-to-shore radio, airplane radio, control tower communication; (communication) 525, 527, 529, 531, 532; electronic devices (POINFO @.

[devices for recording and reproducing recorded sound] phonograph, gramophone, megaphone, phonorganon[obs].

[device to convert sound to electrical signals] microphone,directional microphone, mike, hand mike, lapel microphone.

[devices to convert recorded sound to electronic signals] phonograph needle, stylus, diamond stylus, pickup; reading head (electronic devices).

hearer, auditor, listener, eavesdropper, listener-in.

auditory, audience.

[science of hearing] otology, otorhinolaryngology.

[physicians specializing in hearing] otologist, otorhinolaryngologist.

V. hear, overhear; hark, harken; list, listen, pay attention, take heed; give an ear, lend an ear, bend an ear; catch, catch a sound, prick up one's ears; give ear, give a hearing, give audience to.

hang upon the lips of, be all ears, listen with both ears.

become audible; meet the ear, fall upon the ear, catch the ear, reach the ear; be heard; ring in the ear &c. (resound) 4O8.

Adj. hearing &c. v.; auditory, auricular, acoustic; phonic.

Adv. arrectis auribus[Lat].

Int. hark, hark ye! hear! list, listen! O yes! Oyez!

listen up [coll.]; listen here! hear ye! attention! achtung [German].