Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 416 (Musician)

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#416. Musician. [Performance of Music.] -- N. musician, artiste, performer, player, minstrel; bard &c. (poet) 597;

[specific types of musicians] accompanist, accordionist, instrumentalist, organist, pianist, violinist, flautist; harper, fiddler, fifer[obs], trumpeter, piper, drummer; catgut scraper.

band, orchestral waits.

vocalist, melodist; singer, warbler; songster, chaunter[obs], chauntress[obs], songstress; cantatrice[obs].

choir, quire, chorister; chorus, chorus singer; liedertafel[Ger].

nightingale, philomel[obs], thrush; siren; bulbul, mavis; Pierides; sacred nine; Orpheus, Apollo[obs], the Muses Erato, Euterpe, Terpsichore; tuneful nine, tuneful quire.

composer &c. 413.

performance, execution, touch, expression, solmization[obs].

V. play, pipe, strike up, sweep the chords, tweedle, fiddle; strike the lyre, beat the drum; blow the horn, sound the horn, wind the horn; doodle; grind the organ; touch the guitar &c. (instruments) 417; thrum, strum, beat time.

execute, perform; accompany; sing a second, play a second; compose, set to music, arrange.

sing, chaunt, chant, hum, warble, carol, chirp, chirrup, lilt, purl, quaver, trill, shake, twitter, whistle; sol-fa[obs]; intone.

have an ear for music, have a musical ear, have a correct ear.

Adj. playing &c. v.; musical.

Adv. adagio, andante &c. (music) 415.