Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 408 (Resonance)

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#408. Resonance. -- N. resonance; ring &c. v.; ringing, tintinabulation &c. v.; reflexion[Brit], reflection, reverberation; echo, reecho; zap, zot[coll.]; buzz (hiss) 409.

low note, base note, bass note, flat note, grave note, deep note; bass; basso, basso profondo[It]; baritone, barytone[obs]; contralto.

[device to cause resonance] echo chamber, resonator.

[ringing in the ears] tinnitus[Med].

[devices which make a resonating sound] bell, doorbell, buzzer; gong, cymbals (musical instruments) 417.

[physical resonance] sympathetic vibrations; natural frequency, coupled vibration frequency; overtone; resonating cavity; sounding board, tuning fork.

[electrical resonance] tuning, squelch, frequency selection; resonator, resonator circuit; radio &c. @

[chemical resonance] resonant structure, aromaticity, alternating double bonds, non-bonded resonance; pi clouds, unsaturation, double bond (valence) @

V. resound, reverberate, reecho, resonate; ring, jingle, gingle[obs], chink, clink; tink[obs], tinkle; chime; gurgle &c. 405 plash, goggle, echo, ring in the ear.

Adj. resounding &c. v.; resonant, reverberant, tinnient|, tintinnabulary; sonorous, booming, deep-toned, deep-sounding, deep-mouthed, vibrant; hollow, sepulchral; gruff &c. (harsh) 410.

Phr. " sweet bells jangled, out of time and harsh " [Hamlet]; echoing down the mountain and through the dell. #408a. Nonresonance[obs]. -- N. thud, thump, dead sound; nonresonance[obs]; muffled drums, cracked bell; damper; silencer.

V. sound dead; stop the sound, damp the sound, deaden the sound, deaden the reverberations, dampen the reverberations.

Adj. nonresonant[obs], dead; dampened, muffled.