Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 403 (Silence)

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#403. Silence. -- N. silence; stillness &c. (quiet) 265; peace, hush, lull; muteness &c. 581; solemn silence, awful silence, dead silence, deathlike silence.

V. be silent &c. adj.; hold one's tongue &c. (not speak) 585.

render silent &c. adj.; silence, still, hush; stifle, muffle, stop; muzzle, put to silence &c. (render mute) 581.

Adj. silent; still, stilly; noiseless, soundless; hushed &c. v.; mute &c. 581.

soft, solemn, awful, deathlike, silent as the grave; inaudible &c. (faint) 405.

Adv. silently &c. adj.; sub silentio[Lat].

Int. hush! silence! soft! whist! tush! chut[obs]! tut! pax[Lat]! be quiet! be silent! be still! shut up![rude]; chup[obs]! chup rao[obs]! tace[It]!

Phr. one might hear a feather drop, one might hear a pin drop, so quiet you could hear a pin drop; grosse Seelen dulden still [German]; le silence est la vertu de ceux qui ne sont pas sages [French]; le silence est le parti le plus sar de celui se dfie de soi-meme[French]; "silence more musical than any song " [C. G. Rossetti]; tacent satis laudant[Latin]; better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.