Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 402 (Sound)

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#402. Sound. -- N. sound, noise, strain; accent, twang, intonation, tone; cadence; sonorousness &c. adj.; audibility; resonance &c. 408; voice &c. 580; aspirate; ideophone[obs]; rough breathing.

[Science, of sound] acoustics; phonics, phonetics, phonology, phonography[obs]; diacoustics[obs], diaphonics[obs]; phonetism[obs].

V. produce sound; sound, make a noise; give out sound, emit sound; resound &c. 408.

Adj. sounding; soniferous[obs]; sonorous, sonorific[obs]; resonant, audible, distinct; stertorous; phonetic; phonic, phonocamptic[obs].

Phr. "a thousand trills and quivering sounds " [Addison]; forensis strepitus[Lat].