Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 40 (Thing remaining)

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#40. [Thing remaining.] Remainder. -- N.

remainder, residue; remains, remanent, remnant, rest, relic; leavings, heeltap[obs], odds and ends, cheesepairings[obs], candle ends, orts[obs]; residuum; dregs &c. (dirt) 653; refuse &c. (useless) 645; stubble, result, educt[obs]; fag-end; ruins, wreck, skeleton., stump; alluvium.

surplus, overplus[obs], excess; balance, complement; superplus[obs], surplusage[obs]; superfluity &c.(redundancy) 641; survival, survivance[obs].

V. remain,; be left &c. adj.; exceed, survive; leave. Adj.remaining, left; left behind left over; residual, residuary; over, odd; unconsumed, sedimentary; surviving; net; exceeding, over and above; outlying, outstanding; cast off &c. 782; superfluous &c. (redundant) 641. #40a. [Thing deducted.] Decrement. -- N. decrement, discount, defect, loss, deduction; afterglow; eduction[obs]; waste.