Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 398 (Odor)

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#398. Odor. -- N. odor, smell, odorament|, scent, effluvium; emanation, exhalation; fume, essence, trail, nidor|, redolence.

sense of smell; scent; act of smelling &c. v.; olfaction, olfactories[obs].

[pleasant odor] fragrance &c. 400.


[animal with acute sense of smell] bloodhound, hound.

[smell detected by a hound] spoor.

V. have an odor &c. n.; smell, smell of, smell strong of; exhale; give out a smell &c. n.; reek, reek of; scent.

smell, scent; snuff, snuff up; sniff, nose, inhale.

Adj. odorous, odoriferous; smelling, reeking, foul-smelling, strong- scented; redolent, graveolent[obs], nidorous[obs], pungent; putrid, foul.

[Relating to the sense of smell] olfactory, quick-scented.