Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 376 (Physical Insensibility)

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#376. Physical Insensibility. -- N. insensibility, physical insensibility; obtuseness &c. adj.; palsy, paralysis, paraesthesia[Med], anaesthesia; sleep &c. 823; hemiplegia[obs], motor paralysis; vegetable state; coma.

anaesthetic agent, opium, ether, chloroform, chloral; nitrous oxide, laughing gas; exhilarating gas, protoxide of nitrogen[ISA:chemsubcfs]; refrigeration.

V. be insensible &c. adj.; have a thick skin, have a rhinoceros hide.

render insensible &c. adj.; anaesthetize[obs], blunt, pall, obtund[obs], benumb, paralyze; put under the influence of chloroform &c. n.; stupefy, stun.

Adj. insensible, unfeeling, senseless, impercipient[obs], callous, thick-skinned, pachydermatous; hard, hardened; case hardened; proof, obtuse, dull; anaesthetic; comatose, paralytic, palsied, numb, dead.