Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 374 (Woman)

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#374. Woman. -- N. woman, she, her, female, petticoat.

feminality[obs], muliebrity[obs]; womanhood &c. (adolescence) 131.

womankind; the sex, the fair; fair sex, softer sex; weaker vessel.

dame, madam, madame, mistress, Mrs. lady, donna belle[Sp], matron, dowager, goody, gammer[obs]; Frau[Ger], frow[obs], Vrouw[Dutch], rani; good woman, good wife; squaw; wife &c. (marriage) 903; matronage, matronhood[obs].

bachelor girl, new woman, feminist, suffragette, suffragist.

nymph, wench, grisette[obs]; girl &c. (youth) 129.

[Effeminacy] sissy, betty, cot betty [U.S.], cotquean[obs], henhussy[obs], mollycoddle, muff, old woman.

[Female animal] hen, bitch, sow, doe, roe, mare; she goat, Nanny goat, tabita; ewe, cow; lioness, tigress; vixen.


estrogen, oestrogen.

consanguinity &c. 166[female relatives], paternity &c. 11.

lesbian, dyke[slang].

V. feminize.

Adj. female, she-; feminine, womanly, ladylike, matronly, maidenly, wifely; womanish, effeminate, unmanly; gynecic[obs], gynaecic[obs].

Pron. she, her, hers.'

Phr. "a perfect woman nobly planned" [Wordsworth]; "a lovely lady garmented in white" [Shelley]; das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan [Ger][Goethe]; "earth's noblest thing, a woman perfected" [Lowell]; es de vidrio la mujer[Sp]; "she moves a goddess and she looks a queen" [Pope]; "the beauty of a lovely woman is like music" [G. Eliot]; varium et mutabile semper femina [Lat][Vergil]; "woman is the lesser man" [Tennyson]. #374a. Sexuality [human] -- N. sex, sexuality, gender; male, masculinity, maleness &c. 373; female, femininity &c. 374.

sexual intercourse, copulation, mating, coitus, sex; lovemaking, marital relations, sexual union; sleeping together, carnal knowledge.

sex instinct, sex drive, libido, lust, concupiscence;.hots, horns [coll]; arousal, heat, rut, estrus, oestrus; tumescence; erection, hard-on, boner.

masturbation, self-gratification, autoeroticism, onanism, self-abuse.

orgasm, climax, ejaculation.

sexiness, attractiveness; sensuality, voluptuousness.

[sexual intercourse outside of marriage] fornication, adultery.

[person who is sexy] sex symbol, sex goddess; stud, hunk.

one-night stand.

pornography, porn, porno; hardcore pornography, softcore pornography; pin-up, cheesecake; beefcake; Playboy[magazines with sexual photos], Esquire, Hustler.

[unorthodox sexual activity] perversion, deviation, sexual abnormality; fetish, fetishism; homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality; sodomy, buggery; pederasty; sadism. masochism, sado-masochism; incest.

V. mate, copulate; make love, have intercourse, fornicate, have sex, do it, sleep together, fuck[vulg.]; sleep around, play the field..

masturbate, jerk off[coll.], jack off[coll.], play with oneself.

have the hots[coll]; become aroused, get hot; have an erection, get it up.

come, climax, ejaculate.

Adj. sexy, erotic, sexual, carnal, sensual.

hot, horny, randy, rutting; passionate, lusty, hot-blooded, libidinous; up, in the mood.

homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual.