Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 372 (Mankind)

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#372. Mankind. -- N. man, mankind; human race, human species, human kind, human nature; humanity, mortality, flesh, generation.

[Science of man] anthropology, anthropogeny[obs], anthropography[obs], anthroposophy[obs]; ethnology, ethnography; humanitarian.

human being; person, personage; individual, creature, fellow creature, mortal, body, somebody; one; such a one, some one; soul, living soul; earthling; party, head, hand; dramatis personae[Lat]; quidam[Lat].

people, persons, folk, public, society, world; community, community at large; general public; nation, nationality; state, realm; commonweal, commonwealth; republic, body politic; million &c. (commonalty) 876; population &c. (inhabitant) 188.

tribe, clan (paternity) 166; family (consanguinity) 11.

cosmopolite; lords of the creation; ourselves.

Adj. human, mortal, personal, individual, national, civic, public, social; cosmopolitan; anthropoid.

Phr. "am I not a man and a brother?" [Wedgwood]. #373 Man. -- N. man, male, he, him; manhood &c. (adolescence) 131; gentleman, sir, master; sahib; yeoman, wight|!, swain, fellow, blade, beau, elf, chap, gaffer, good man; husband &c. (married man) 903; Mr., mister; boy &c. (youth) 129.

[Male animal] cock, drake, gander, dog, boar, stag, hart, buck, horse, entire horse, stallion; gibcat[obs], tomcat; he goat, Billy goat; ram, tup; bull, bullock; capon, ox, gelding, steer, stot[obs].


homosexual, gay, queen[slang].

V. masculinize

Adj. male, he-, masculine; manly, virile; unwomanly, unfeminine.

Pron. he, him, his.

Phr. hominem pagina nostra sapit [Lat][Mar.]; homo homini aut deus aut lupus [Lat][Erasmus]; homo vitae commodatus non donatus est [Lat][Syrus].