Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 371 (The economy or management of plants)

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#371. [The economy or management of plants.] Agriculture. -- N. agriculture, cultivation, husbandry, farming; georgics, geoponics[obs]; tillage, agronomy, gardening, spade husbandry, vintage; horticulture, arboriculture[obs], floriculture; landscape gardening; viticulture.

husbandman, horticulturist, gardener, florist; agricultor[obs], agriculturist; yeoman, farmer, cultivator, tiller of the soil, woodcutter, backwoodsman; granger, habitat, vigneron[obs], viticulturist; Triptolemus.

field, meadow, garden; botanic garden[obs], winter garden, ornamental garden, flower garden, kitchen garden, market garden, hop garden; nursery; green house, hot house; conservatory, bed, border, seed plot; grassplot[obs], grassplat[obs], lawn; park &c. (pleasure ground) 840; parterre, shrubbery, plantation, avenue, arboretum, pinery[obs], pinetum[obs], orchard; vineyard, vinery; orangery[obs]; farm &c. (abode) 189.

V. cultivate; till the soil; farm, garden; sow, plant; reap, mow, cut; manure, dress the ground, dig, delve, dibble, hoe, plough, plow, harrow, rake, weed, lop and top; backset [obs][U.S.].

Adj. agricultural, agrarian, agrestic[obs].

arable, predial[obs], rural, rustic, country; horticultural.