Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 37 (Addition)

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#37. Addition. -- N. addition, annexation, adjection[obs]; junction &c. 43; superposition, superaddition, superjunction[obs], superfetation; accession, reinforcement; increase &c. 35; increment, supplement; accompaniment &c. 88; interposition &c. 228; insertion &c. 300.

V. add, annex, affix, superadd[obs], subjoin, superpose; clap on, saddle on; tack to, append, tag; ingraft[obs]; saddle with; sprinkle; introduce &c. (interpose) 228; insert &c. 300. become added, accrue; advene[obs], supervene.

reinforce, reenforce, restrengthen[obs]; swell the ranks of; augment &c. 35.

Adj. added &c. v.; additional; supplemental, supplementary; suppletory[obs], subjunctive; adjectitious[obs], adscititious[obs], ascititious[obs]; additive, extra, accessory.

Adv. au reste[Fr], in addition, more, plus, extra; and, also, likewise, too, furthermore, further, item; and also, and eke; else, besides, to boot, et cetera; &c.; and so on, and so forth; into the bargain, cum multis aliis[Lat], over and above, moreover.

with, withal; including, inclusive, as well as, not to mention, let alone; together with, along with, coupled with, in conjunction with; conjointly; jointly &c. 43. Phr. adde parvum parvo magnus acervus erit[Lat].