Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 356 (Oil)

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#356. Oil. -- N. oil, fat, butter, cream, grease, tallow, suet, lard, dripping exunge|, blubber; glycerin, stearin, elaine[Chem], oleagine[obs]; soap; soft soap, wax, cerement; paraffin, spermaceti, adipocere[obs]; petroleum, mineral, mineral rock, mineral crystal, mineral oil; vegetable oil, colza oil[obs], olive oil, salad oil, linseed oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, nut oil; animal oil, neat's foot oil, train oil; ointment, unguent, liniment; aceite[obs], amole[obs], Barbados tar[obs]; fusel oil, grain oil, rape oil, seneca oil; hydrate of amyl, ghee[obs]; heating oil, "#2 oil", No. 2 oil, distillate, residual oils, kerosene, jet fuel, gasoline, naphtha; stearin. #356a. Resin. -- N. resin, rosin; gum; lac, sealing wax; amber, ambergris; bitumen, pitch, tar; asphalt, asphaltum; camphor; varnish, copal[obs], mastic, magilp[obs], lacquer, japan.

artificial resin, polymer; ion-exchange resin, cation-exchange resin, anion exchange resin, water softener, Amberlite[obs], Dowex[Chem], Diaion.

V. varnish &c. (overlay) 223.

Adj. resiny[obs], resinous; bituminous, pitchy, tarry; asphaltic, asphaltite.