Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 353 (Mixture of air and water)

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#353. [Mixture of air and water.] Bubble. [Cloud.] -- N. bubble, foam, froth, head, spume, lather, suds, spray, surf, yeast, barm[obs], spindrift.

cloud, vapor, fog, mist, haze, steam, geyser; scud, messenger, rack, nimbus; cumulus, woolpack[obs], cirrus, stratus; cirrostratus, cumulostratus; cirrocumulus; mackerel sky, mare's tale, dirty sky; curl cloud; frost smoke; thunderhead.

[Science of clouds] nephelognosy[obs]; nephograph[obs], nephology[obs].

effervescence, fermentation; bubbling &c. v.

nebula; cloudliness &c. (opacity) 426[obs]; nebulosity &c. (dimness) 422.

V. bubble, boil, foam, froth, mantle, sparkle, guggle[obs], gurgle; effervesce, ferment, fizzle.

Adj. bubbling &c. v.; frothy, nappy[obs], effervescent, sparkling, mousseux[French: frothy], up.

cloudy &c. n.; thunderheaded[obs]; vaporous, nebulous, overcast.

Phr. "the lowring element scowls o'er the darkened landscip" [Paradise Lost].