Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 351 (Channel for the passage of air)

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#351. [Channel for the passage of air.] Airpipe. -- N. air pipe, air tube; airhole[obs], blowhole, breathinghole[obs], venthole; shaft, flue, chimney, funnel, vent, nostril, nozzle, throat, weasand[obs], trachea; bronchus, bronchia[Med]; larynx, tonsils, windpipe, spiracle; ventiduct[obs], ventilator; louvre, jalousie, Venetian blinds; blowpipe &c. (wind) 349; pipe &c. (tube) 260; jhilmil[obs]; smokestack.

screen, window screen.'

artificial lung, iron lung, heart and lung machine. 3. IMPERFECT FLUIDS