Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 337 (Water)

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#337. Water. -- N. water; serum, serosity[obs]; lymph; rheum; diluent; agua[Sp], aqua, pani[obs].

dilution, maceration, lotion; washing &c. v.; immersion|, humectation[obs], infiltration, spargefaction|, affusion[obs], irrigation, douche, balneation[obs], bath.

deluge &c. (water in motion) 348; high water, flood tide.

V. be watery &c. adj.; reek.

add water, water, wet; moisten &c. 339; dilute, dip, immerse; merge; immerge, submerge; plunge, souse, duck, drown; soak, steep, macerate, pickle, wash, sprinkle, lave, bathe, affuse[obs], splash, swash, douse, drench; dabble, slop, slobber, irrigate, inundate, deluge; syringe, inject, gargle.

Adj. watery, aqueous, aquatic, hydrous, lymphatic; balneal[obs], diluent; drenching &c. v.; diluted &c. v.; weak; wet &c. (moist) 339.

Phr. the waters are out.