Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 324 (Softness)

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#324. Softness. -- N. softness, pliableness &c. adj.; flexibility; pliancy, pliability; sequacity[obs], malleability; ductility, tractility[obs]; extendibility, extensibility; plasticity; inelasticity, flaccidity, laxity.


clay, wax, butter, dough, pudding; alumina, argil; cushion, pillow, feather bed, down, padding, wadding;foam.

mollification; softening &c.v.

V. render -soft &c. adj.; soften, mollify, mellow, relax, temper; mash, knead, squash.

bend, yield, relent, relax, give.


Adj. soft, tender, supple; pliant, pliable; flexible, flexile; lithe, lithesome; lissom, limber, plastic; ductile; tractile[obs], tractable; malleable, extensile, sequacious[obs], inelastic; aluminous[obs]; remollient[obs].

yielding &c. v.; flabby, limp, flimsy.

doughy, spongy, penetrable, foamy, cushiony[obs].'

flaccid, flocculent, downy; edematous, oedematous[obs], medullary[Anat], argillaceous, mellow.

soft as butter, soft as down, soft as silk; yielding as wax, tender as chicken.