Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 319 (Gravity)

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#319. Gravity. -- N. gravity, gravitation; weight; heaviness &c. adj.; specific gravity; pondorosity[obs], pressure, load; burden, burthen[obs]; ballast, counterpoise; lump of, mass of, weight of.

lead, millstone, mountain, Ossa on Pelion.

weighing, ponderation[obs], trutination|; weights; avoirdupois weight, troy weight, apothecaries' weight; grain, scruple, drachma[obs], ounce, pound, lb, arroba[obs], load, stone, hundredweight, cwt, ton, long ton, metric ton, quintal, carat, pennyweight, tod[obs].

[metric weights] gram, centigram, milligram, microgram, kilogram; nanogram, picogram, femtogram, attogram.

[Weighing Instrument] balance, scale, scales, steelyard, beam, weighbridge[obs]; spring balance, piezoelectric balance, analytical balance, two-pan balance, one-pan balance; postal scale, baby scale.

[Science of gravity] statics.

V. be heavy &c. adj.; gravitate, weigh, press, cumber, load.

[Measure the weight of] weigh, poise.

Adj. weighty; weighing &c. v.; heavy as lead; ponderous, ponderable; lumpish[obs], lumpy, cumbersome, burdensome; cumbrous, unwieldy, massive.

incumbent, superincumbent[obs].