Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 317 (Immateriality)

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#317. Immateriality. -- N. immateriality, immaterialness; incorporeity[obs], spirituality; inextension[obs]; astral plane.

personality; I, myself, me; ego, spirit &c. (soul) 450; astral body; immaterialism[obs]; spiritualism, spiritualist.

V. disembody, spiritualize.

Adj. immaterial, immateriate[obs]; incorporeal, incorporal[obs]; incorporate, unfleshly[obs]; supersensible[obs]; asomatous[obs], unextended[obs]; unembodied[obs], disembodied; extramundane, unearthly; pneumatoscopic[obs]; spiritual &c. (psychical) 450[obs].

personal, subjective, nonobjective.