Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 316 (MATERIALITY)

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#316. MATERIALITY. -- N. materiality, materialness; corporeity[obs], corporality[obs]; substantiality, substantialness, flesh and blood, plenum; physical condition.

matter, body, substance, brute matter, stuff, element, principle, parenchyma[Biol], material, substratum, hyle[obs], corpus, pabulum; frame.

object, article, thing, something; still life; stocks and stones; materials &c. 635.

[Science of matter] physics; somatology[obs], somatics; natural philosophy, experimental philosophy; physicism[obs]; physical science, philosophie positive[Fr], materialism; materialist; physicist; somatism[obs], somatist[obs].

Adj. material, bodily; corporeal, corporal; physical; somatic, somatoscopic[obs]; sensible, tangible, ponderable, palpable, substantial.

objective, impersonal, nonsubjective[obs], neuter, unspiritual, materialistic.