Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 300 (Forcible ingress)

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#300. [Forcible ingress.] Insertion. -- N. insertion, implantation, introduction; insinuation &c. (intervention) 228; planting, &c. v.; injection, inoculation, importation, infusion; forcible ingress &c. 294; immersion; submersion, submergence, dip, plunge; bath &c. (water), 337; interment &c. 363.

clyster[Med], enema, glyster[obs], lavage, lavement[obs].

V. insert; introduce, intromit; put into, run into; import; inject; interject &c. 298; infuse, instill, inoculate, impregnate, imbue, imbrue.

graft, ingraft[obs], bud, plant, implant; dovetail.

obtrude; thrust in, stick in, ram in, stuff in, tuck in, press, in, drive in, pop in , whip in, drop in, put in; impact; empierce| &c. (make a hole) 260[obs].

imbed; immerse, immerge, merge; bathe, soak &c. (water) 337; dip, plunge &c. 310.

bury &c. (inter) 363.

insert &c itself; plunge in medias res.

Adj. inserted &c. v.