Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 289 (Motion from, actively; force driving apart)

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#289. [Motion from, actively; force driving apart.] Repulsion. -- N. repulsion; driving from &c. v.; repulse, abduction.

magnetic repulsion, magnetic levitation; antigravity.

V. repel, push from, drive apart, drive from &c. 276; chase, dispel; retrude[obs]; abduce[obs], abduct; send away; repulse.

keep at arm's length, turn one's back upon, give the cold shoulder; send off, send away with a flea in one's ear.

Adj. repelling &c. v.; repellent, repulsive; abducent[obs], abductive[obs].


Phr. like charges repel; opposite charges attract; like poles repel, opposite poles attract.