Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 272 (Vehicle)

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#272. Vehicle. -- N. vehicle, conveyance, carriage, caravan, van; common carrier; wagon, waggon[obs], wain, dray, cart, lorry.

truck, tram; cariole, carriole[obs]; limber, tumbrel, pontoon; barrow; wheel barrow, hand barrow; perambulator; Bath chair, wheel chair, sedan chair; chaise; palankeen[obs], palanquin; litter, brancard[obs], crate, hurdle, stretcher, ambulance; black Maria; conestoga wagon, conestoga wain; jinrikisha, ricksha, brett[obs], dearborn [obs][U.S.], dump cart, hack, hackery[obs], jigger, kittereen[obs], mailstate[obs], manomotor[obs], rig, rockaway[obs], prairie schooner [U.S.], shay, sloven [Can.], team, tonga[obs], wheel; hobbyhorse, go-cart; cycle; bicycle, bike, two-wheeler; tricycle, velocipede, quadricycle[obs].

equipage, turn-out; coach, chariot, phaeton, break, mail phaeton, wagonette, drag, curricle[obs], tilbury[obs], whisky, landau, barouche, victoria, brougham, clarence[obs], calash, caleche[French], britzka[obs], araba[obs], kibitka[obs]; berlin; sulky, desobligeant[French], sociable, vis-a-vis, dormeuse[Fr]; jaunting car, outside car; dandi[obs]; doolie[obs], dooly[obs]; munchil[obs], palki[obs]; roller skates, skate; runabout; ski; tonjon[obs]; vettura[obs].

post chaise, diligence, stage; stage coach, mail coach, hackney coach, glass coach; stage wagon, car, omnibus, fly, cabriolet[obs], cab, hansom, shofle[obs], four-wheeler, growler, droshki[obs], drosky[obs].

dogcart, trap, whitechapel, buggy, four-in-hand, unicorn, random, tandem; shandredhan[obs], char-a-bancs[French].

motor car, automobile, limousine, car, auto, jalopy, clunker, lemon, flivver, coupe, sedan, two-door sedan, four-door sedan, luxury sedan; wheels [coll.], sports car, roadster, gran turismo[It], jeep, four-wheel drive vehicle, electric car, steamer; golf cart, electric wagon; taxicab, cab, taxicoach[obs], checker cab, yellow cab; station wagon, family car; motorcycle, motor bike, side car; van, minivan, bus, minibus, microbus; truck, wagon, pick-up wagon, pick-up, tractor-trailer, road train, articulated vehicle; racing car, racer, hot rod, stock car, souped-up car..

bob, bobsled, bobsleigh[obs]; cutter; double ripper, double runner [U.S.]; jumper, sled, sledge, sleigh, toboggan.

train; accommodation train, passenger train, express trail, special train, corridor train, parliamentary train, luggage train, freight train, goods train; 1st class train, 2nd class train, 3rd class train, 1st class carriage, 2nd class carriage, 3rd class carriage, 1st class compartment, 2nd class compartment, 3rd class compartment; rolling stock; horse box, cattle truck; baggage car, express car, freight car, parlor car, dining car, Pullman car, sleeping car, sleeper, dome car; surface car, tram car, trolley car; box car, box wagon; horse car [U.S.]; bullet train, shinkansen [Jap.], cannonball, the Wabash cannonball, lightning express; luggage van; mail, mail car, mail van.

shovel, spool, spatula, ladle, hod, hoe; spade, spaddle[obs], loy[obs]; spud; pitchfork; post hole digger.

[powered construction vehicles] tractor, steamshovel, backhoe, fork lift, earth mover, dump truck, bulldozer, grader, caterpillar, trench digger, steamroller; pile driver; crane, wrecking crane.