Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 271 (Carrier)

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#271. Carrier. -- N. carrier, porter, bearer, tranter|, conveyer; cargador[obs]; express, expressman; stevedore, coolie; conductor, locomotive, motor.

beast, beast of burden, cattle, horse, nag, palfrey, Arab[obs], blood horse, thoroughbred, galloway[obs], charger, courser, racer, hunter, jument[obs], pony, filly, colt, foal, barb, roan, jade, hack, bidet, pad, cob, tit, punch, roadster, goer[obs]; racehorse, pack horse, draft horse, cart horse, dray horse, post horse; ketch; Shetland pony, shelty, sheltie; garran[obs], garron[obs]; jennet, genet[obs], bayard[obs], mare, stallion, gelding; bronco, broncho[obs], cayuse [U.S.]; creature, critter [rural U.S.]; cow pony, mustang, Narraganset, waler[obs]; stud.

Pegasus, Bucephalus, Rocinante.

ass, donkey, jackass, mule, hinny; sumpter horse, sumpter mule; burro, cuddy[obs], ladino [obs][U.S.]; reindeer; camel, dromedary, llama, elephant; carrier pigeon.

[object used for carrying] pallet, brace, cart, dolley; support &c. 215; fork lift.

carriage &c. (vehicle) 272; ship &c. 273.

Adj. equine, asinine.