Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 267 (Locomotion by water, or air)

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#267. [Locomotion by water, or air.] Navigation. -- N. navigation; aquatics; boating, yachting; ship &c. 273; oar, paddle, screw, sail, canvas, aileron.

natation[obs], swimming; fin, flipper, fish's tail.

aerostation[obs], aerostatics[obs], aeronautics; balloonery[obs]; balloon &c. 273; ballooning, aviation, airmanship; flying, flight, volitation[obs]; wing, pinion; rocketry, space travel, astronautics, orbital mechanics, orbiting.

voyage, sail, cruise, passage, circumnavigation, periplus[obs]; headway, sternway, leeway; fairway.

mariner &c. 269.

flight, trip; shuttle, run, airlift.

V. sail; put to sea &c. (depart) 293; take ship, get under way; set sail, spread sail, spread canvas; gather way, have way on; make sail, carry sail; plow the waves, plow the deep, plow the main, plow the ocean; walk the waters.

navigate, warp, luff[obs], scud, boom, kedge; drift, course, cruise, coast; hug the shore, hug the land; circumnavigate.

ply the oar, row, paddle, pull, scull, punt, steam.

swim, float; buffet the waves, ride the storm, skim, effleurer[Fr], dive, wade.

fly, be wafted, hover, soar, flutter, jet, orbit, rocket; take wing, take a flight, take off, ascend, blast off, land, alight; wing one's flight, wing one's way; aviate; parachute, jump, glide.

Adj. sailing &c. v.; volant[obs], aerostatic[obs]; seafaring, nautical, maritime, naval; seagoing, coasting; afloat; navigable; aerial, aeronautic; grallatory[obs].

Adv. under way, under sail, under canvas, under steam; on the wing, in flight, in orbit.

Phr. bon voyage; "spread the thin oar and catch the driving gale" [Pope].