Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 258 (Fold)

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#258. Fold. -- N. fold, plicature[obs], plait, pleat,ply, crease; tuck, gather; flexion, flexure, joint, elbow, double, doubling, duplicature[obs], gather, wrinkle, rimple[obs], crinkle, crankle[obs], crumple, rumple, rivel[obs], ruck[obs], ruffle, dog's ear, corrugation, frounce[obs], flounce, lapel; pucker, crow's feet; plication[obs].

V. fold, double, plicate[obs], plait, crease, wrinkle, crinkle, crankle[obs], curl, cockle up, cocker, rimple[obs], rumple, flute,frizzle, frounce[obs], rivel[obs], twill, corrugate, ruffle, crimple|, crumple, pucker; turn down, double down, down under; tuck, ruck[obs], hem, gather.

Adj. folded, fluted, pleated &c. v..