Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 242 (Regularity of form)

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#242. [Regularity of form.] Symmetry. -- N. symmetry, shapeliness, finish; beauty &c. 845; proportion, eurythmy[obs], uniformity, parallelism; bilateral symmetry, trilateral symmetry, multilateral symmetry; centrality &c. 222.

arborescence[obs], branching, ramification; arbor vitae.

Adj. symmetrical, shapely, well set, finished; beautiful &c. 845; classic, chaste, severe.

regular, uniform, balanced; equal &c. 27; parallel, coextensive.

arborescent[obs], arboriform[obs]; dendriform[obs], dendroid[obs]; branching; ramous[obs], ramose; filiciform[obs], filicoid[obs]; subarborescent[obs]; papilionaceous[obs].

fuji-shaped, fujigata[Jap.].