Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 241 (Absence of form)

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#241. [Absence of form.] Amorphism. -- N. amorphism[obs], informity[obs]; unlicked cub[obs]; rudis indigestaque moles[Lat]; disorder &c. 59; deformity &c. 243.

disfigurement, defacement; mutilation; deforming.

chaos, randomness (disorder) 59.

[taking form from surroundings] fluid &c. 333.

V. deface[Destroy form], disfigure, deform, mutilate, truncate; derange &c. 61; blemish, mar.

Adj. shapeless, amorphous, formless; unformed, unhewn[obs], unfashioned[obs], unshaped, unshapen; rough, rude, Gothic, barbarous, rugged.