Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 217 (Obliquity)

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#217. Obliquity. -- N. obliquity, inclination, slope, slant, crookedness &c. adj.; slopeness[obs]; leaning &c. v.; bevel, tilt; bias, list, twist, swag, cant, lurch; distortion &c. 243; bend &c. (curve) 245; tower of Pisa.

acclivity, rise, ascent, gradient, khudd[obs], rising ground, hill, bank, declivity, downhill, dip, fall, devexity|; gentle slope, rapid slope, easy ascent, easy descent; shelving beach; talus; monagne Russe[Fr]; facilis descensus averni[Lat].

V. intersect; lack parallelism.