Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 207 (Lowness)

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#207. Lowness. -- N. lowness &c. adj.; debasement, depression, prostration &c. (horizontal) 213; depression &c. (concave) 252.

molehill; lowlands; basement floor, ground floor; rez de chaussee[Fr]; cellar; hold, bilge; feet, heels.

low water; low tide, ebb tide, neap tide, spring tide.

V. be low &c. adj.; lie low, lie flat; underlie; crouch, slouch, wallow, grovel; lower &c. (depress) 308.

Adj. low, neap, debased; nether, nether most; flat, level with the ground; lying low &c. v.; crouched, subjacent, squat, prostrate &c. (horizontal) 213.

Adv. under; beneath, underneath; below; downwards; adown[obs], at the foot of; under foot, under ground; down stairs, below stairs; at a low ebb; below par.