Roget's Thesaurus: Entry 20 (Nonimitation)

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#20. Nonimitation. -- N. no imitation; originality; creativeness.

invention, creation.

Adj. unimitated[obs], uncopied[obs]; unmatched, unparalleled; inimitable &c. 13; unique, original; creative, inventive, untranslated; exceptional, rare, sui generis uncommon[Lat], unexampled. #20a. Variation. -- N. variation; alteration &c. (change) 140. modification, moods and tenses; discrepance[obs], discrepancy. divergency &c. 291[obs]; deviation &c. 279; aberration; innovation. V. vary &c. (change) 140; deviate &c. 279; diverge &c. 291; alternate, swerve. Adj. varied &c. v.; modified; diversified &c. 16a.